Israeli-Style Breakfast

This was our favourite breakfast when we were in Israel. Every morning we would pile our plate with a colourful array of salads, fresh goat cheese and creamy tahini sauce. The vegetables there actually taste like vegetables. The tomatoes taste like tomatoes, the broccoli tastes like broccoli, the cucumbers taste like cucumbers! Ok…I’ll calm down. The best meal of my life was this warm salad I had at a restaurant in Jerusalem with red peppers, zucchini, fresh oregano, olive oil and maybe some other veggies. The veggies themselves just tasted so good! Ok I’m definitely done now.

We decided to re-create our favourite morning meal and the result is an incredibly colourful and truly “balanced” breakfast.

We included eggs, goat cheese slices, cucumber-tomato salad with olive oil and lemon, avocado toast with paprika and tahini!


Cucumber-Tomato is a classic Israeli salad combo. Other options are red cabbage and carrot or shredded beets with yogurt.



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